Wednesday, November 03, 2004

It Looks Over From Here..............


Barring a seismic error on the part of the Ohio election committees, Bush will be our president for the next four years. He won the popular vote by over 3 million votes, over 51% of the vote, but that's not how we elect our president. If Ohio officially goes to Bush, where he currently has a 150,000 vote lead, Bush will get the needed 270 electoral votes and its over.

Kerry should come out and concede victory to Bush, as dragging the country through a repeat of 2000 isn't what anyone in the country really wants.

Here are the Official Ohio election results, with 100% of the precincts reporting.

Bush, George W. Republican Total votes-2,796,147 =51.01%
Kerry, John F. Democratic Total Votes-2,659,664 =48.52%

Interesting thing behind Ohio this year: The Guardian, Britains left leaning newspaper, sent out the names and addresses of 14,000 Ohio residents to its readers, and urged them to write to the folks across the pond in Ohio. Dubbed "Operation Clark County", they wanted to influence the US elections by having Guardian readers tell Ohio voters how much everyone in Britain hates George Bush. The idea seems to have been stolen from Tim Blair, who stated in September to a whiny Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland- "here’s a way Freedland and his fellow meddlers can still have their say in the USA: each could simply identify and adopt a random individual living in one of the battleground states and target that person with emails, letters, and telephone calls begging them to vote against Bush. I’m sure average Americans will be pleased to receive whiny 3am calls from people called "Jonathan", and will alter their vote accordingly."

Needless to say, Ohio residents were not pleased.

Here was the initial reaction to Operation Clark County-

"The director of the Board of Elections in Clark County, Linda Rosicka, seemed less than amused by the Guardian's campaign, possibly because it has added to her workload calls from the press around the world. "Everyone is contacting me," she complained ... She expressed skepticism that the letter campaign would have an effect. "The American Revolution was fought for a reason," Ms. Rosicka remarked. "

Thanks Guardian! But mostly, this American thanks Tim Blair for giving them the idea. Cheers, Mate!

Osama's last minute warning didn't work, and unlike Spain, there was no terrorist attack before our election, though not through any lack of trying. This is largely due to the tireless efforts of the US military and intelligence community. They uprooted the infrastructure of the organized Islamic terrorists around the world and put them on the defensive in the Middle East, as Bush knocked over the first two dominoes in the Islamic world in the way of liberty and freedom. Getting women to vote and run for office in Afghanistan and Iraq will have a ripple effect across the rest of the Muslim middle east, and this will ideally minimize the influence of the extremists who wish to destroy the West.

Congratulations George W. Bush.

UPDATE: Senator John F. Kerry has called President Bush conceding Ohio and the presidency, according to the Associated Press. Kerry is expected to make a speech at 1 p.m. at Faneuil Hall.

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