Thursday, November 18, 2004

True Patriot Returns!!!...........


With plenty of pure unadulterated liberal anguish no less! What fun!

A fisking we will go, a fisking we will go........(these are from the comments to "True Patriot, This Is For You" listed below)

"So let me get this straight: In Hamtramck, Michigan there are muslims on the city council (which I only assume is composed of elected citizens) who wish to, in representing a majority, broadcast a call to prayer as dictated by Islamic law."
Correct. You are aware that this call to prayer would violate state noise ordinances, and force a re-writing of the constitution to say "you have the right to impose your religious customs on unwilling citizens", right? Because having someone shreik in Arabic at 5:00 in the morning fails the "your right to swing your fist stops in front of my nose" test.

"The people of Hamtramck will vote on whether or not to allow it. This is your "writing on the wall"?"

Yes, because if you ask strict muslims, of which there are a disproportionate amount in Dearborn and the surrounding Michigan area, they will all admit that they will gladly circumvent US Law to get Islamic law on the books. Point being, they are not assimilating. They are attempting to live in the states but ignore our laws in favor of their own. This is not how our country works.

"Are you afraid the democratic process or is it muslims participating in it that's got your goat?"

That's the problem- they aren't participating. They are trying to circumvent it. What part of this call to prayer violating my right not to be woken up at 5:00 in the morning don't you understand? There are already muslims working in the US Armed Forces, and they don't feel the need to impose their customs on unwilling citizens.

"Are you seriously trying to connect these Americans to the murderer of Theo Van Gogh and those like him?"

I'm not trying to. I want nothing more than those who come to this country to respect our laws. But you continue to ignore the central point I'm trying to make. There are moderate muslims, and I don't consider them a threat at all. But there is a sizeable population of fundamentalists, the "kill you for making a bad movie about Islam" kind, and there are plenty already here in the US. You are absolutely in fantasy land if you think otherwise. Imagine if a fundamentalist christian killed Terry Gilliam for making "the Life Of Brian"? Doesn't that sound absurd? Well, in Islam, it doesn't. Let's observe this article from Joseph D’Hippolito comparing the rhetoric of jihadism with Nazism:In Their Own Words"Consider the words of Mohammed al-Asi, a fellow at the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought, an advisor to the Islamic Human Rights Commission and the imam of the Islamic Center of Washington, D.C.:

Muslims are living in a kafir (unbelievers’) domain; they are virtually adrift and homeless. The inherent condition of today’s Muslims who have lost sight of a Prophet as commander is a religious community of people who are beholden to the forces and powers of kufr (apostasy): secular kufr and religious kufr, mental kufr and military kufr, as well as kufr by choice and kufr by force."

"Your desperate attempt to use this article in defense of your bigoted tone only reinforces your blatant support of the Campaign of Fear."

Hardly. I'm not calling for an end to Islamic immigration, unlike what some Dutch are right now- for instance-"Rita Verdonk, the Dutch Immigration Minister, announced that the government would introduce a law to strip Islamic radicals with dual nationality of their Dutch passports. There are nearly a million Muslims in the Netherlands, most of them from Morocco and Turkey, and the majority continue to maintain dual nationality. Mrs. Verdonk said the law would be changed “so that when a person is suspected of planning or involvement in extremism or serious crimes we will take away their Dutch passport”. "

Your desperate attempt to paint this as some liberal talking points memo "Campaign of Fear" only displays your ignorance of the reality on the ground. You are missing the point of what the fundamentalists want -Dar al-Islam (Arabic: literally house of submission) a term widely used in the Islamic world to refer to those lands under Muslim government(s). In the conservative tradition of Islam the world is divided into two components: dar al-Islam, the house of submission or the house of God, and dar al-Harb, the house of war; the home of the infidels or unbelievers (Arabic: kufr). Guess which one the US is?

"When time permits, 'Google' the founding of the great United States of America and there you will find that without the religiously persecuted there would be no constitution that you so hastily refer to."

Funny that, many of the founding fathers that designed the Constitution, Jefferson for example, weren't religious at all. They would find what is going in Hamtramck abominable. Hell, they found CHURCH BELLS abominable. I'm suprised you would even use that as a point.

"Such sloppy pasting and cutting of 'examples' to propel Fear across the Digital Divide is irresponsible."

Such sloppy arguments, and complete lack of comprehension skills. I know you are smarter than this TP.

"As to my anonymity: I am no more anonymous than anyone else who has contributed a post to this blog. Would you respond defferently if you knew my true identity? Perhaps you are wanting to correspond via e-mail? I prefer the civil arena called the blog. (It keeps us both honest.)"

Whatever floats your boat TP. I have no problem with your anonymity. I just find it odd, that's all. I will respect your wishes.

"P.S. Who is this mysterious 'third man' refered to in your second-hand, no wait, make that third-hand reference? Is he some kind of delegate, politician, or leprechaun?"

You'll have to explain that one a little better, not sure what you meant.

"P.P.S. Bongo Java does have the best coffee in town. On that, I think, we can agree."

True dat.

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