Monday, November 15, 2004

Tman Weekend Roundup.........


And my head STILL hurts today.

Friday: Went out with the regular crew to Jacksons, Chu and The Bound'ry. My buddy from work got in to his "I love you mannn" drunk confessionals, which was highly entertaining as usual. Met some interesting ladies at Chu who apparently then followed us to the Bound'ry, and then things get a little hazy. And when I mean "hazy" I mean I think I should at least remember her name, but that eludes me this morning. All's well that ends well though, as I woke up on the couch at my friends house without any major bruises and my truck in one piece.

Saturday: Woke up early on the couch, recovered my vehicle, and went home to nap. Woke up around noonish to go to Sams and get some ribs while we watched the Auburn/Georgia game. Boy does that Auburn team look pretty damn good. They devastated a decent Georgia team, and if they win out, including the SEC championship, there is no good reason they shouldn't get a shot at the national title. I think we'll have a repeat of last year again, with a split National Title. I don't see USC or Oklahoma losing again, nor do I see Auburn losing again. And since three teams can't play again, there you go. Auburn looks like it would crush just about anyone though. I would love to see an Oklahoma/Auburn Orange bowl, it would be a hell of a game.

Saturday evening Birthday Party extravaganza!!! A few friends of mine had their birthdays on Saturday, and so the recently shut down 12th and Porter was rented out to use for the festivities. Kegs were supplied, and various other spirits as well were provided by some exceptionally gracious hosts. And what a bash it was. Tons of cool folks, plenty of gorgeous hotties running around, all kinds of alcohol, and your truly got to practice his bartending skills whilst intoxicated. I also spotted the girls from the previous evening in the crowd but was at the point of inebriation that conversation would be limited at best. This was sort of a bummer, because there were many girls in the crowd I should have spent time with, but instead elected to see how many shots I could make/drink. Hey, whattayagonnado.

Sunday Morning: Made my way home, finally reaching my bed at a respectable 5:00 in the morning. Woke up around 1:30, just in time to watch my Titans lose to the Bears in humiliating fashion:lost in OT on a SAFETY for godsakes. Looks very bad for Titans fans this year, perhaps karmic retribution for the Red Sox victory, who knows. I will still watch the Titans this year, but a playoff spot at this point is pretty much fantasy. Went to Sportsmans for a cheeseburger to squelch the hangover from the morning. Two thumbs up for the fries at Sportmans, the best in town in my opinion. Watched a true Super Bowl team decimate their opponent. I'm glad I don't have to watch the Titans play the Patriots again this year, it would be embarrassing.

More political ranting to continue tomorrow....

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