Wednesday, November 10, 2004

True Patriot, This Is For You...................


I have an anonymous commenter on my blog here that goes by the name of True Patriot. Because of their IP address, I know that this person is dialing in the majority of the time from Bongo Java, a local coffee spot with a wi-fi connection. I'm pretty sure I know who this person is, but if it makes this person feel better to remain anonymous, I'll play along. I think the least you could do would be to provide an email address, but hey-whatever.

TP wrote-
"O.k. I've read your latest post and am wondering what Team America (Fuck Yeah!) has to do with your bit of hate propaganda. Perhaps the perpetuation of stereotypes in the media? Parker and Stone are joking. You, however, sound serious.

I jest."

I'm confused, you think I sound serious when I talk about puppet sex? Please tell me that was the reason for the "I jest" part. I'm going to just ignore that comment to begin with.

"I'm guessing your "latest post" at that time was the November 5th post in which you were to "elaborate on the uninformed, anit-Muslim, bigot bitch propaganda? (i.e. 'writing on the wall', 'millions of suicide bombers', 'major overhaul')"."

Uninformed anti-muslim bigot bitch propaganda? I don't consider myself an expert by any means, but uninformed I am not. Anti-muslim I am not, although I do fear that the problem stemming from the lack of assimilation within muslim cultures in western nations is just beginning to get serious.

Here's some "uninformed bigot bitch propaganda" for you-
"HAMTRAMCK, Mich. - A noise-ordinance change that would allow mosques to broadcast calls to prayer on loudspeakers will be put to a citywide vote after opponents gathered hundreds of petition signatures. The more than 630 signatures submitted to the city clerk’s office were enough to force the City Council to rescind the amended ordinance or put it to a vote.

“We decided not to rescind the amendment, so it goes to the ballot,” council president Karen Majewski said Tuesday night. The council had voted unanimously last month to allow the Bangladeshi Al-Islah Mosque to broadcast the call to prayer five times a day.

The issue has divided this blue-collar city of 23,000, which once was overwhelmingly Polish and Roman Catholic but now has a sizable Muslim population. It was not immediately known when the vote would be held in this enclave surrounded by the city of Detroit, but it is likely to be in the next few months.

In the meantime, Majewski said, the mosque can go ahead with its calls to prayer. “There’s nothing to regulate them. This actually gives them more power,” she said. ...

The Al-Islah mosque plans to begin broadcasting the calls on Friday. Abdul Motlib, head of the mosque, said he was confident the measure would win a citywide vote. “Hamtramck has 23,000 people. If 500 or 600 people go against us, we’re not losing nothing.”
Basically, the muslim community in Michigan has decided to pack their local city council with muslims so that they can override the local noise ordinances and blast the adhan, which says that there is no god but Allah, and everyone should come to pray. Problem here is, not everyone in this community is Muslim, and the call comes at five different hours during the day, usually starting at sunrise. Imagine getting woken up every day by a loud Arabic chant at 5:30 in the morning. That's life in most Muslim countries, but not here. People compare this to the local church bells, and I agree that if the constitution says that religion shall not be established by the government, then the church bells need to go too. I am a firm believer in the liberty and rights of others, but as the saying goes, your right to swing your fist stops in front of my nose. This is what you would call "writing on the wall". And it isn't bigoted, it's simply a statement that says I think that there are certain Muslim communities that aren't trying to fit in to their new country, and instead are isolating themselves by trying to force their customs on to unwilling residents. This is the beginning to a much greater problem.

TP continues-
How does the brutal slaughter of Theo Van Gogh justify your rant? The Campaign of Fear persists unabated...

Theo's Film, which was not only his but also written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-born refugee, now a member of the Dutch Parliament, was entitled Submission. You can watch the film here - Submission, Part I. I haven't had time to see the whole thing, but I've read interviews and reviews of it before, and Ms. Ali states that her purpose was not to give offense but to draw attention to what she contends is widespread but hidden violence against Muslim women, even those living in Europe. She turned to the power of images, she said, to focus attention on abuse, incest, forced marriages and the suicides of young immigrant women. Despite her writing and speaking on the subject for several years, she felt the subject has remained a public taboo. "Muslims deny it," she said, "and many Dutch are afraid of taking it on, of causing religious tension, of being called racists."

Now you see why many Dutch are afraid. They have every reason to be. One need look no further than the note pinned to Theo Van Gogh's body with the knife used to kill him-it basically says he deserved to die for not believing in Allah. And the worse part is that even moderate muslims aren't exactly raising their voices in dissent from the "kill the infidel" message.

Some are justifying it outright.Here's an interview snippet from the Netherlands-
"Third man: This man (the imam) has given his personal response. He’s not expressing everyone’s point of view. I say, if he (Mohamed B., the murderer) wouldn’t have done it, I could have done it, or somebody else would have done it. Because, that man (Van Gogh) went too far. He had all the possibilities.

Interviewer: You mean, it’s self-evident that it has happenend?

Third man: It’s very self-evident. He had his freedom of speech, but he has never tried to start a discussion or debate. He called Muslims goat f-ckers. He received all attention to express that Muslims...

Interviewer: So the murder was in fact a just act?

Third man: That’s my opinion. Not everybody’s opinion, but that’s my opinion. It is just.

So it sounds to me that the campaign of IGNORANCE, which is what in my opinion sunk the democrats this year, continues unabated...Ignore at your own peril "true" patriot. And by the way, you are using an Apple laptop with mozilla. Mwaahhaaahaaahaaa...

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