Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Creationists Are Very Confusing......Hindu? Islamic? Christian? Take Your Pick.....


Let's take a cruise over to the sunny shores of Tulsa, Oklahoma to get a picture on the latest nutbaggery associated with creationism. From your friends at Oklahoma's News Channel 8-

Creationism Display At Tulsa Zoo Wins Approval

Tulsa - Tempers are flaring as Tulsans argue religion, science and the Tulsa Zoo. One man's proposal to add a creationism display turned the zoo into the backdrop for a heated debate. "Take away all the crap and then we can all get along. Nobody is going to fight over animals."

One would hope. One would be wrong however. Ever heard of PETA?

Animals seemed to be the last thing on most minds in this standing room only meeting of the Tulsa Parks Board, even though they were battling over the zoo. At issue is Dan Hicks' proposal to add a creationism exhibit.

At a zoo. Creationism. Funny stuff indeed...

He says the zoo is already home to other religious references -- the globe inscribed with the words 'the earth is our mother' and an elephant statue which is an artistic image of the Hindu faith.

"The Pandora's box is already open," Hicks says. "All we're saying is if you're going to open Pandora's box and you're going to allow all these religions in, don't forbid ours."

Okay, but what does the Hindu statue of the elephant have to do with creationism? Just asking.

But, opponents, including fellow Christians, argued there's a difference between religion and culture. And, there are too many differences just within the creation belief.

"Therefore they're going to have to decide how and which of the hundreds of creation stories that are in the world including many dozens that are in the U.S. from the Native American people to include in that exhibit," says Reverend Marlin Lavanhar with Tulsa Metropolitan Ministries. "It's hard to create fairness when you're talking about this."

I've got an answer! You're all wrong! Nobody gets to post anything creationist at all!! Problem solved!!

In the end, it was on the issue of fairness that Mayor LaFortune argued in favor of the proposal. It passed the board's vote. So, along with the displays in support of evolution, there will be a display to support creationism, likely on an empty wall.

But the proposal passed with the agreement that other creation theories would be considered. So, the final form of the creation display is a long way from the final debate.

That will be one very confusing wall. Which has exactly, NOTHING to do with the Zoo. Animals people. Animals in cages so kids can see them. Kids. Leave the damn zoo alone.

In case you were wondering, here's the statue everyone is freaking out about.

I usually get worked up over the biblical creationists/ID'ers, but that doesn't mean there isn't equal stupidity across the board when it comes to other religions and evolution.

Creationism: The Hindu View

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Yes, here at Tman in Tennessee, don't let it ever be said that I'm nothing if not multicultural in my hatred of creationist ignorance.

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