Friday, June 17, 2005

Dumb, Dumber and Ralph Nader............


Ho-boy Ralph. I think it's time for you to gracefully exit stage left of the public spotlight and retire to some nice Vermont town in the hills where everyone has five point harness seatbelts in their electric cars and universal healthcare.

Because crap like this will not get any more votes from the disenfranchised-

Nader's Very Unpleasant N-gagement The Lowdown by Lloyd Grove

If Ralph Nader doesn't stop dropping the N-bomb, Al Sharpton is going to wash out his mouth with soap.
"Nader is not a racist by any stretch of the imagination," Sharpton told me yesterday. "He has a good track record. But he ought to be sensitive that he does not sanitize that word."

Speaking Wednesday night at a Washington fund-raiser to retire the debt from his 2004 presidential campaign, Nader complained that Democratic Party powerbrokers had kept him off the ballot in such Southern states as Georgia and Virginia - which reminded him of the oppressive Jim Crow laws that denied African-Americans equal rights.

"I felt like a [n-word]," remarked the 70-year-old white multimillionaire graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School.

Washington gadfly Evan Gahr reported Nader's comments on his Web site.

"If Ed Koch had said what Ralph Nader said, we'd be marching," Sharpton noted. "This [scolding] doesn't rise to the level of a march. It rises to the level of a wrist slap."

Yesterday, Nader told me he was using the word in the same spirit as the Black Panthers of the 1960s - "as a word of defiance."

But Sharpton retorted: "He's not a Black Panther."

Can you even imagine the outrage if this wasn't a flaming liberal moonbat? I don't think I can. Nice Job Ralph. You have officially sunk your own battleship.

When Al Sharpton needs to give you pointers on acceptable discourse, you have issues. MAJOR issues.

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