Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A Few Additions To The Blogroll.........


It's been a while since I added a big stack like this, but some of these sites are ones that I kick myself almost every day for not having on the super official Stuff Worth Reading List. So I kick myself no longer. Check out the following folks, click early and often.....

Normal Bob Smith.Com- Yes, Normal Bob Smith. The following disclaimer should help spell it out a little- WARNING: This site has been shut down by the Laptop Lobbyists, petitioned by the American Family Association, and protested by Million Moms/Million Dads. Parental guidance is clearly not sufficient. Mr. Normal BobSmith- the guy responsible for Jesus Dress Up Fridge Magnets!, the Satan Salvation Comic , or the Unholy Army of Catholic School Girls. Think Jay Pinkerton's Back of the Bible turned to 11. If you are a person easily offended by being told that God is Fake, I suggest you skip over this one.

Knowledge Is Power-SondraK -Brings you daily posts, vids and pics of righteous insanity in our world. Her "today's Haute Couture WTF?" are always amusing. Like the one from today-

BlackFive is probably one of the premier MillBloggers around. His insight in to things related with our Armed Forces is first hand. And if you haven't read the post that started his whole blog to begin with, you are missing out. It involves a French Army General, BlackFive himself (a First Lieutenant (1LT) at the time), the M1A1 tank, and a serious misunderstanding in translation skills.

buzzmachineOne of the pioneers of the blogosphere, and someone who fights the good fight for free speech and democratic values as much as he can- Jeff Jarvis. Jeff also had an incredible story from the 9/11 tragedy which he experienced first here, read it here.

Arthur Chrenkoff, the guy who tirelessly puts together the good news from Iraq and Afghanistan that normally gets relegated to page f-67 of the arts section of your local paper. Here are two of the latest- from Iraq, and from Afghanistan.

Dean Esmay , "Defending the liberal tradition in history, science, and philosophy", always some great comments worth reading in there as well.

Davids Medienkritik "Politically incorrect observations on reporting in the German Media". Always well worth a read to see what's going on over in Krautland.

That's all for now folks. Hope you enjoy reading these folks as much as I do.

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