Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Thanks to the US Military and the other Coalition Forces, Iraq Has More Internet Freedom Than China........


Case in point:

because Saddam Hussein is no longer the leader of Iraq-

Iraq Has More Internet Freedom Than China.


exhibit a.)
Microsoft Censors Blog Tool to Appease China's Censors

14 June 2005

The world's largest software company, Microsoft, is not allowing the Chinese version of its new Web portal to use words deemed politically sensitive by China's Communist Party. The media freedom organization Reporters Without Borders has condemned Microsoft for bowing to Beijing's censors.

Microsoft's new Web portal, MSN Spaces, is supposed to give people an online outlet for expressing themselves. But the Chinese version blocks words and subjects that Beijing considers subversive.

If a user tries to post a message that includes words such as "democracy," "freedom," or "human rights," an automatic message pops up warning the person not to use prohibited language.

exhibit b.)

Friends of Democracy Sponsors Internet Workshops for Women

by the Editor

Our Friends of Democracy team – sponsored by Spirit of America – arranged another series of workshops in different Iraqi cities to educate women’s groups and individual women activists about the use of the Internet as a tool for sharing ideas and expertise. We encouraged women to start their own web logs and to take advantage of the Arabic blogging tool - which we also developed with help from Spirit of America.


Different women’s groups can use blogs to create a Web ring of communication that will help them unite their voices and have a greater influence in the constitution-drafting process. Free and open discussion will produce more mature political opinions and will amplify each person’s voice.

The first workshop was held in the southern city of Diwaniya on May 25. Those who attended asked us to do it again so more women can have the same opportunity. This new means of free expression is invaluable. It allows them to work around all the current logistical problem associated with starting a journal or having daily and weekly meetings.


Because Saddam Hussein is no longer in power, Iraqi women will not receive an automatic message that pops up warning the person not to use prohibited language such as "democracy," "freedom," or "human rights".

Chinese women, and men will. Therefore, Iraq Has More Internet Freedom Than China.

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