Monday, June 13, 2005

Someone Else's Wedding Bells...............


I have written before about the following blog -The Bottle Shop, and when I finish writing this entry I'll be adding them to the stuff worth reading list, but I wanted to post about late bland's recent story about attending the wedding of his ex-fiancee.

And I'm telling you, this guy should be writing this stuff in to a screenplay, it just screams BBC World TV program.......

Someone else's wedding bells (1)

Someone else's wedding bells (2)

I suggest cruising his archives for more bloggity goodness, one of my personal favorites is from last valentines day- Boing-

"The Bottle Shop recommendation for today: Vouvray 2003 (France). An eminently quaffable, dry and fruity everyday wine that is perfect for knocking back in one go after you've just risked life and limb in some ill-conceived, overblown romantic gesture. £4.99"

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