Monday, June 27, 2005

So, Maybe I'll Skip The Gulf Coast This Year........


I've been dying to take another trip down to the Ft. Walton/Destin area of the Gulf Coast recently, mainly because of the bathwater-warm ocean and the velvet-like sand at the beaches down there. It's also a straight 8-hour drive from Nashville, which is not too bad.

However, in a sure sign that we officially are back to the pre-9/11 attitude of being scared of non-existent threats: SHARK ATTACKS are back in the news. And unfortunately for me, the SHARK ATTACK news has centered around two attacks within the Florida Panhandle area. Both have been confirmed as attacks by the pit-bull of the shark world- the BULL SHARK.

General Description
The Bull Shark has a short snout that is wider than it is long, with an off-white belly. The bull shark's top surface is gray, and its eyes are small. The first dorsal fin is much longer and more pointed than the second dorsal fin. Female bull sharks are usually larger than the males and can grow up to 11 feet. More shark attacks are attributed to this shark than all other sharks -- considered the most dangerous shark. They will eat anything from fish and turtles to people and are responsible for many deaths in the Ganges river in India and very well known for most attacks in Lake Nicaragua. These sharks have also been found hundreds of miles inland in the Amazon river. Great for sportfishing and excellent fighters when hooked.

Considering the fact the my recent drunken Florida vacation resulted in another close call with mother nature, I think I will have to re-evaluate my choice of vacation destinations.

Yes, yes, I know, the odds are very slim of getting attacked while swimming by a shark. In fact I am more likely to get killed in a car accident on the way down. I know all of this. But you didn't get chased by an alligator last time your were in Florida.

Ah, screw it. Jaws be damned, I want to go back to Destin!!! Bring it you devils of the ocean!!! You'll never get me alive!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Update: Just to give you an idea of how close and brave these bullsharks have become, here are three pics to check out and see how close they really get to shore....

Shore Shark-Pic 1
Shore Shark-Pic 2
Shore Shark-Pic 3

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