Wednesday, June 01, 2005

How To Say "No" In 25 Different European Languages.......


Dutch Voters Deliver Second Blow to EU

Dutch voters have decisively turned against the European constitution in their national referendum, according to exit polls.

Their vote comes just days after France plunged Europe into months of constitutional turmoil by becoming the first country to reject the new treaty.

Some 63 per cent of voters in the Netherlands were said to be opposed to the constitution, according to the polls, with the Yes campaign garnering the support of just 37 per cent.

Turnout was also high at around 62 per cent - leaving the Dutch government with no option but to abide by the public's verdict.

Personally, I would like to see Europe get its act together and form a strong union in which to help balance out power across the world. It's getting a little tiresome to see the US constantly be the only ones capable of backing up the mandates of the civilized world against the various dictators and thugs who hold their people as ransom. I'm not sure how keen I feel about a renewed lust for military capabilities in Germany, but I can tell you that sooner or later Europe will have to realize that we can't babysit them anymore. Our military helped to liberate them from their own nationalistic impulses, and then prevented them from being swallowed up by the Russians. And what thanks did we get? I'm still waiting for the answer to that. Besides the Eastern Europeans, Italy, Spain and Britain, the rest of Europe has pretty much hid in the corner during the war on terror. So to repeat, a strong European Union would only benefit the US interests in the long run.

But there is the little issue of actually creating a system of government that is run by people and not kings. Consider this, the U.S. Constitution begins with the words, "We the People of the United States," the first words of the EU Constitution are, "His Majesty the King of the Belgians . . .". You can clearly see where the priorities lie.

And apparently so do the people who are voting against the EU Constitution right now.

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