Monday, March 21, 2005

A Brief Recap Of Our Adventure Through DC........


Sorry for the delay in posting the recap folks, but things have been insane since I got home. My Outlook inbox at work today was pretty much overflowing, and I have been busy as hell trying to get caught up. I'll try and give a brief recap today, and I'll be posting some pictures of our trip soon.

Thursday was already covered in the previous post- thanks again you bastards at Atlanta International! I would rather walk backwards then go through that poor excuse for an airport again.

Friday- After sleeping off the previous evenings hangover, we managed to stumble down to this cool coffee shop in Adams Morgan called the Tryst. Excellent place-great coffee, a FULL BAR, nice selection of coffee house style food, and a pleasant family/eclectic atmosphere. After loading up on some caffeine we jumped in a cab and headed down to The National Air and Space Museum. All I can say about that place is-wow. I mean, wow. I can remember (vaguely) being in DC when I was younger but I am sure there was no way I was able to appreciate the exhibits the way I'm able to now. To see the original Apollo modules, and get an appreciation for just how small these things were, and what these men had to go through to achieve success just boggles the mind. I can't say enough about how impressive the exhibits were, from the Spirit Of St Louis to the original space suits from the Apollo Moon missions -still speckled with moondust no less- the place was awe-inspiring. We also got to see a show at the museums IMAX theater- the theaters first 3D film, "Space Station 3D", which was amazing as well. Due to our late start that morning, we pretty much spent the whole day at the Air and Space museum, and then walked the length of the National Mall to check out the sites. Along the way there is this really cool Sculpture Garden, of which I'll post some pictures later. The WWII Memorial on the mall was every bit as impressive as I had heard. And I will never get tired of the Lincoln Memorial either. Reading the two speeches on either side of the Statue gives me chills up my spine. I don't know if we'll ever produce a president in this country of his character again. After walking the mall we decided to stumble around DC a bit and eventually find a restaurant. After heading up 23rd Street through George Washington University, we decided to cab it to Georgetown and find some good choices, as at that point my dogs were killin' me. After walking up and down M street in Georgetown and perusing each menu, we finally decided on The Guards, and we were not disappointed. Fin got Oysters Remick for an appetizer and Surf and Turf for dinner, I went with Lobster Bisque and Veal Oscar, yes I know-we were on a health kick. After dinner we went to meet another former Nashvillian friend, Jack, who was working at a place called Ella's Pizza. He had the bartender ice a bottle of Jager for us before we got there which we promptly emptied. We watched some of March Madness while we waited for Jack to get off of work, and then went out with him to another Irish bar which I cannot name at this time due to the hazy nature of my memory at that point of the evening. But I heard it was cool.

Saturday We woke up earlier than expected Saturday morning, and to our surprise the previous evenings buzz was still with us. Hoping to avoid that inevitably hateful mid afternoon hangover, we quickly made it to the Diner in Adams Morgan and ordered up some pancakes and Mimosa's. After breakfast we went to Kramerbooks and Afterwords Cafe and Grill, which is basically a bar and restaurant mixed with a bookstore. Nothing like booze and books to kill a few hours, that's for sure. After a few hours there, we wandered around some more of Du Pont Circle, and then went back to our friends place to drop off the various purchases made that day. We then decided to go back and wander around Georgetown some more, and yes, maybe have a few more drinks. The rest of that night was a non-stop bar hopping exercise, ending back at the diner in Adams Morgan at around three in the morning. Yes, pancakes twice in 24 hours. Hey, what can I say- I FRIGGING LOVE PANCAKES. Always have, always will.

Sunday Spent recovering, mostly at our friends apartment. We did make it back out to the Tryst for breakfast, but that was the extent of the day, as we had to make it back in time for our flight out that afternoon.

A spectacular trip -thanks to Chris and Jack for the excellent hospitality- and I cannot wait to get back out there so we can see some more museums and partake in more of the cities fine food and spirits. I'll post a little picture slideshow when I get the chance for those interested. If you get the chance to visit DC, just go. You won't be disappointed.

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