Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Nashville Blogger Meetup For the Adults.......


Yes, that's right folks- a friendly reminder that An Evening With Mr Roboto, -aka-the Nashville blogger bash- is less than 24 hours away!

Are you a nashville/tennessee blogger? Do you wonder what the people who post about all things blog look like? Do you wonder what they look like when they are drunk? Do you wonder what they act like in person? Do you think they are all a bunch of freaks? Do you want to know where to go to see what these folks do when not in front of a computer screen? Do they have even a shred of social skills? And more importantly, are any of them hotties (ed.-I can attest, yes, some are hotties)

Perhaps most importantly, since I was the one who helped set it up at Jacksons- do they tip well and can they hold their liquor?

Find out tomorrow night by coming to-


For directions or more information on one of Nashville's coolest bars -Jacksons-visit here..

Looking forward to it, and prepare for oodles of blog commentary the next few days afterwards...

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