Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Terry Who? Sorry never heard of her........


Something about Florida not allowing you to destroy a vegetable because it's protected wildlife, like a mangrove tree or something? I heard you can get arrested for removing mangrove trees from your property. Good thing humans aren't vegetables I guess, because then you would get arrested for removing the unwanted ones. Either way, I didn't get the whole story. Apparently I live under a rock. A big rock. But here are two recent stories which mean, well, NOTHING to me, that our guvmint deems more important than oh say, China getting Arms from Europe, or terrorists getting hunted like animals in Iraq.

The two stories I refer to are the steroids-in-baseball hearings in congress, and yes, the Terri Schiavo fiasco (I was joking, I don't live under a rock). These apparently are the most important things our guvmint must pay attention to right now.

Um, tell me again why we pay these guys so much damn money? Ryan Sager at Tech Central Station discusses why both the Republicans and Democrats in Congress are becoming harder and harder to distinguish between on a fundamental level. Republicans are for small guvmint? Not anymore. Democrats for social compassion? Not anymore. Both parties have become so suckled to the teat of politics and elections that whatever principles they had are slowly evaporating.


And again, I would be remiss not to remind you of An Evening with Mr Roboto, tonight at Jacksons- come for the booze, stay for the cake!

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