Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Crocodile: 83- Man: 1.............

Big Ass Croc Posted by Hello

BIg Ass Croc 2 Posted by Hello

The above pictured 60 Year old crocodile, a 1 ton beast measuring over 16 feet, had been terrorizing a local village in the Bugiri district of Kampala. According to locals the thing had eaten over 83 people in the small fishing village for over two decades. It took two experts from the Uganda Wildlife Authority to capture the man-eater, and they managed to capture this thing alive so it could be transported to the Buwama crocodile farm on the shores of Lake Victoria in Mpigi district. Needless to say, many of the residents didn't think it deserved to retire in peace, and many apparently wanted to kill the thing. I understand "it's just an animal who was trying to survive" and all, but if it had killed members of my friends and family -PETA be damned- I would've wanted to kill the bastard.

And I was worried about some five foot little bastard in Sarasota. Jeeebus....

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