Monday, March 07, 2005

Mason Was Bad Enough, But et tu Rolle?..........


Ugh. I hatesses the Baltimore Ravens. Hatesses them I do. Hate Hate Hate them. Brian Billick could be the most annoying coach to ever have won a Super Bowl, and for all of his supposed "offensive genius" the man never puts together a decent offense. The only reason the Ravens ever win anything is because of their frighteningly vicious defense, powered by the most unlikeable and obnoxious Linebacker in the league, Ray Lewis. I will admit that there is no better talent at linebacker than Ray-ray, but I hatesses him too. From his shady non-murder/accident/stabbing acquittal to his ridiculous LOOK AT ME!! moments during pregame, he annoys me beyond belief.

However, the main reason I hatesses the Ravens, is that they defanged what may have been the best Titans team put together on their way to winning the Super Bowl in the playoffs. The Titans went 13-3 that year, losing their only home game to the Ravens- their first one EVER at Adelphia Coliseum. Then, in the divisional round of the playoffs they faced each other again, and I don't want to talk about the ending of that depressing moment in Titans history. Let's just say Al Del Greco became the least favorite Titan after that game.

So now we reach 2005, and the Ravens continue to piss me off. First, they sign Derrick Mason, who besides McNair was my favorite Titan. Now the news comes that they signed Samari Rolle, our pro-bowl cornerback. We couldn't afford to keep either of these players, and I expected them to be in new jerseys come next season, but the Ravens? THE FREAKING RAVENS???????

Hatesses them I do. Hatesses them......We'll see how the fans react when the Ravens visit the Coliseum next year, as the Titans play them at home during the regular season.

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