Monday, March 14, 2005

Will the UN Be Able to Handle John Bolton?...........


As regular readers of this site know, I am certainly no fan of the United Nations. I feel this way because I believe the United Nations has outlived it's usefulness, and has become primarily a place where dictators and fascist regimes can pat each other on the back and blame the Jews and the US for all of their problems. I posted back in January about their abysmal UN Human Rights Committee, and the sick hypocrisy of having a country like Cuba chairing the Committee. There are things that the UN does well, and these things should not be ignored. But lately, as more of the Iraq Oil-For-Kickbacks program becomes known, or the UN sex scandals get more attention one wonders just how bad it has to get before the whole thing is dissolved much like its predecessor, the League of Nations.

The recent appointment of Undersecretary of State John Bolton to be the next ambassador to the United Nations may give a much needed dose of reality to the entire UN body.Jon Henke over at the Q and O blog has some recent quotes from Bolton that give me hope.

Here's one-

On the United Nations: "Moreover, many Republicans in Congress - and perhaps a majority - not only do not care about losing the General Assembly vote but actually see it as a "make my day" outcome. Indeed, once the vote is lost, and the adverse consequences predicted by the U.N.'s supporters begin to occur, this will simply provide further evidence to many why nothing more should be paid to the U.N. system."

Bolton will no doubt rattle some cages once he sets up shop at his post. I personally hope he shakes it so hard that it falls apart, because I believe it is beyond reform. But either way, we should see some interesting developments out of the UN with this appointment.

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