Thursday, March 10, 2005

Nashville's Own Blogger Bash!!!!!! Posted by Hello

Yes that's right Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, On Wednesday March 23rd we Nashville bloggers have managed to scare the management of Jackson's Bar and Bistro in to letting us take over their patio for the evening. Starting at 5:00 you can be part of the fun and meet the entertaining, attractive and exciting members of Nashvilles blog community, and me. Among the attendees besides the aforementioned Mr Roboto and Captain T from Thursday Night Fever will be most if not all of the Nashville blog folks listed to the right.

I'll be the drunk one.

For those wondering, to sound extra cool when ordering a Jager shot at Jackson's, ask for an "icy-stone". The staff will immediately recognize your uber-hipness and proceed to get you a frosty Jager shot. Be careful when ordering them near or around myself or my friend Fin. Chances are you won't get away from the bar sober if we hear the words "icy-stone" close by.

It should be fun, and there most likely will be pictures and lots of free publicity for Jacksons to make up for the mess we're gonna make. Who knows, this may turn in to a regular dealio if it goes well. We in Nashville need to catch up to the other cities around the world and their hip blog meetups...This is a start.

Thanks to Tom, owner of Jackson's for hooking us up! We'll say nice stuff about your place and promise not to break too much stuff!!

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