Wednesday, March 30, 2005

It's Just Crazy Enough It Might Work!!!!.........


Ok so hear me out. I don't know if anyone read about this, but there was a near riot in Pyongyang, North Korea yesterday during a World Cup (soccer) qualifying match between Iran and North Korea, both currently upstanding members of the axis of evil. And not only that, but junior member of the axis of evil -Syria- had supplied the referees for the game. Apparently, the North Korean players and fans reacted quite violently to the results of many of the calls made by the officials as well as the play by the Iranians. So violently that the Iranians barely made it out alive, as well as the Syrian referees. Troops had to be called in to put down the rioting and even they couldn't stop the barrage of debris rained down on the Iranian players and Syrian refs.

So here's my idea- we set up an Axis of Evil Soccer League, and have each team play like a 75 game season. And each home team is required to play with a referee from the visiting teams country. After a full season of this league, all of the members of each country will be so tired from fighting each other that we can just waltz right in and remove their dictatorships and disarm them.

Genius I tells you!!! Pure GEEENIUS!!!!!

Who's got Condoleeza's number?

Finally, I can have a reason to enjoy the game of soccer. And Ron Artest could be the League President. Who's with me?


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