Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Iraqi Truth Project...........


I just heard about this film project from Kate over at Small Dead Animals.

Iraqi Truth Project

Visalia, CA - 2/4/2005 - Brad L. Maaske, a Licensed Real Estate Broker with no previous film experience, is the unlikely filmmaker of this powerful documentary expose of the horrors of the Saddam Unseeing regime and the failures of the United Nations. In the present political climate, many have criticized the decision to go to war in Iraq. Weighing the human and economic toll of going to war against a tyrant in Iraq, an inquiring mind wants to know, "Is it worth it?" That's the essential question asked in WMD. Maaske, along with Kurdish filmmaker and associate director/producer Jano Rosebiani, demonstrate that it was a humanitarian necessity to free the Iraqi people from the murderous rule of Hussein.

The Documentary footage in this film will be used as evidence of war crimes committed by Saddam's regime in the upcoming war trial of Ali Hasan al-Majid, "Chemical Ali' and in Saddam Hussein's war trials next year.

If you go to the site, click on the link for "VIEW THE MAKING OF WMD"- beware as it is a large file. In this half hour presentation you'll get a brief overview of the film, why it was made, and why it is so important for the world to see it. Whatever your feelings are about the war, no one can deny after watching this preview that the world is better off without Saddam Hussein in power. I for one am upset that we can only kill him once, and I am normally against capital punishment. As things in the Arab world begin to lurch forward towards the 21st century, it is extremely important that the absolutely horrific nature of the Hussein regime is properly documented and preserved, much in the way that holocaust has been. Hussein's regime was a modern day equivalent of the Nazi Empire, minus the German efficiency.

Many people who were against the war would often say "well, what about Kim Jong-Il?" or "what about Syria?" And the correct answer to that question should be- "one at a time." We cannot simultaneously disarm and liberate mutliple nations around the world from their various dictators. It isn't physically possible. But one of the major benefits of removing the Taliban and Hussein has been to set off alarm bells within the worlds tyrannies, and reform in many of these places may not have to come through the barrel of a gun. The shakeups in Lebanon disengaging Syria to the political reformation of women voting in Saudi Arabia is a start in a direction that the world was not going in previously. One can say that these changes would be much less likely with Saddam still in power. Each case is unique, but there is no denying that Bush's push for liberty has shaken the foundations of the Dictatorships and Theocracies currently infesting our planet.

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